Real Time WWII on Twitter

This Twitter feed is a really interesting way to digest history. It gives you updates as if WWII were progressing in the present day, dates matched up with ours and currently in 1940.

I’m finding that my retention of the content is, on average, much better than from more traditional sources. I will admit to leaving the feed open at work, which means that there are times when I don’t remember a post because I have a lot on my mind otherwise. Even so, the Twitter format forces the material to be very easily digestible. The RealTime concept makes it so that you get a great feel for the timing of events without having to parse the meaning of dates that are thrown at you.

In addition to being academically interesting, the feed is quite well done. It’s not gimmicky about the way it tries to make things feel as if they’re present day. It supports its stories with a lot of media and peppers in a good deal of humor without distracting from the more serious historical thrust.