Noah Bruegmann


I'm very glad that you've come by my home online. As this is my "home" and not my place of work, you'll find that I'm pretty informal here. I have posted a casual CV in case you're interested in what I've been up to. If you would like a real resume that includes useful things like dates and numbers, I'm happy to send it to you, but it's not here. Here, I mostly want to share things that I find interesting, fun, important and useful.


I discuss ideas on this website that are sometimes subjects of debate. Sometimes these subjects are political, sometimes they are academic or religious. I've spent a good deal of my life with beliefs that are opposite to those around me and endeavor to be frank but respectful and thoughtful. Please discuss things with me rather than thinking that I'm just wrong or don't understand. From experience, I don't think I will change your mind or you mine, but I do think that it is possible and constructive to understand one another's perspective on a topic.


I row, ride my bike, run and climb and like to have friends to share those activities with. Please get yourself on my email list if you're interested in joining.

Under "projects" in the menu on this site, I've listed some things I think would be interesting to make happen. It would be great to find the right people to collaborate with on those, so please let me know if you're interested too.